How to Export the OMF from Final Cut Pro

Make sure you have the correct sequence selected.  Go to  File>Export>Audio to OMF.  The resulting dialogue box asks for "Rate" & "Depth." Leave these at the same settings as your sequence.  For "Handle Length" change the preset setting of 1 second to a handle length of 6 seconds.  For FCP 6.0 and above check the three boxes- "Include Crossfade Transitions," should be checked.  "Include Levels: should be checked.  "Include Pan" should be checked.

If the OMF file turns out to be more than 2 gigs a dialogue box may say there is an error.  If this is the case you will have to do multiple OMF exports.  Disable all the tracks except 1 and 2 and do the export again. For the second export disable 1and 2 and re-enable the others.  If there is still a problem then split the OMF exports up even more.


How to Export the DV QuickTime from Final Cut Pro

Make sure the correct sequence is selected.  You will want to include the audio as the mix from the sequence, but without the music, so disable the music tracks.  If music clips are located on tracks with dialogue they will need to be organized onto their own tracks.  Exporting the audio with the picture is very important because we us this as a guide to check synch and to verify we are editing the dialogue correctly.

Go to File>Export>QuickTime Movie.  A “Save As” dialogue window appears.  “Settings”> DV NTSC 48kHz. “Include”>Audio and Video.  Check only "Make Movie Self-Contained."   The length of time for the export will depend on how fast your computer is and what type of quicktime format the DV codec is being converted from.   This could take many hours.


The Delivery

Transfer the OMF or OMFs and the DV QuickTime to a hard drive.  The QuickTime file size will be around 19 Gigs for a 90 minute film.  The OMF file sizes will vary but the total of all the OMF's, if you have exported multiple, could be as much as 15 to 20 Gigs for a 90 minute film.  If you used an earlier version of FCP (version 5 or earlier) be sure to include a copy of your Final Cut Session (without the media).  Also, include any extra production audio you think we might need as an extra OMF file (this can be delivered later).  If your project is a narrative feature with an anticipated post audio schedule of four weeks or more we will need all your production audio. This could be an additional 100 Gigs or more.




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