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Problems with the OMF Export Using Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro can't output OMF files larger than two gigs.  If your project is 60 minutes or more and it is not split into reels already, you may need to export two or more OMF files rather than just one.  Do this by exporting groups of tracks rather than splitting the sequence into shorter sections.  If the project is already split into reels, particularly for 35mm, that is fine, but don’t split into reels for the OMF export. Usually the first tracks are the busiest so you would export tracks 1 and 2 as one OMF file.  The second export might be tracks 3 through 10. The third export would be the remaining tracks. If your show is very busy with multiple microphones you may have to export even more OMF files.


Regarding the Quality of the Audio Delivered in the OMF

The audio in the OMF export is the audio we will be working with to create your final mix.  If there is any question about it's quality you better talk to us before you proceed with the OMF export.

Because of the steps in your post production process you may have decided to use a lower quality copy of the audio.  Maybe you transferred the audio as a mix down from the production mixer's 4 track. Maybe digital noise was added during the transfer. Many things could have happened to degrade the audio.  If you know the audio has a problem or it is determined by us that there is a problem, there are two methods for re-synching dailies.  The first method uses meta data, which is the ID information and timecode imbedded in each production audio take.  If your audio was recorded this way it might be possible to re-synch your dailies automatically.  The second involves re-synching the dailies manualy using either the clap board or by comparing the audio waveform of the good audio to the waveform of the audio that needs to be replaced   This could take an editor as much as a week if the entire film's audio needs to be replaced.

If filtering has been rendered as a duplicate clip make sure the original audio is included on an adjacent track.  If we need to process the audio further we may want to work with the original rather than your processed clip.  Unfortunately, if the original clip is disabled in FCP, it won't export with the OMF file. These clips will need to be re-enabled.  Use volume gain or volume keyframes to reduce the playback level so the rendered clip and the original don't play simultaneously when listening in FCP.