Director Ty Roberts and lead Lane Garrison recording for "Iron Orchard."



At Soundcrafter, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach.  We have the facilities, talent and experience to deal with projects of all kinds, and to create a post-production sound solution that works for you.  If budget is a concern, we are happy to assist you in ways of reducing the amount of time spent on our end.  For example, we can guide you in methods of sound editing and programming foley before turning material over to us.  Our facility is designed with modularity in mind, so we will always be able to tailor a custom solution for your project to get you the best results within your budget range.


First thing’s first: tell us about your project.  Send us a link so we can watch it and explain to us what you have in mind.  We will return an itemized estimate that breaks down labor and facility rates, cost of foley and ADR and how many days of editing and mixing we will need.