Since 1993 Soundcrafter has worked on both sides of the budget spectrum and anywhere in between from studio productions to student films. Although most projects are independent narrative features and documentaries, we also deal with broadcast television series, amusement park presentations, commercials, gaming, web content, gallery displays, audio books and audio dramas.

Our six studio facility accommodates all post audio aspects including Dolby Atmos mixing, ADR recording, and Foley recording. We can also accommodate small audience screenings of up to twenty people.

For lower budget projects we save costs by doing most of the work in the smallest of our rooms, but can provide a large mix room experience for the last days of the mix. We also have an extreme low budget approach called “Home-Studio” were most of the work is done at home.   

Our many years of experience make a big difference in the quality of mixed dialogue, mixing for surrounds, use of compression, reverb, delay, and other processing. We have many tools and techniques for enhancing poorly recorded dialogue and reducing noise. We have a large library of sound effects, and what we can't find in our library we record in the field or in the studio. We enjoy creating expansive sound designs and are particularly excited about creating the unique sound that will complement and help tell your project’s story.

Our goal is to provide a successful and smooth post-audio experience, and do it within the filmmaker's budget.

Bernie picture editorial, post sound and music crew at 5th Street location (2011):

Back row: Wayne Bell, Graham Reynolds, Justin Hennard, Buzz Moran, Mike Saenz, Glenn Eanes

Front row: Chelsea Dinsdale, Kirsten McMurray, Richard Linklater, Sandra Adair, Susan Fitz-Simon, Tom Hammond

Some of the Soundcrafter team eating lunch together. TacoDeli is a crowd favorite.

Susan positioning her kayak for a foley cue in "Where'd You Go Bernadette."

Wayne working on the mix for "Shipwrecked" in the Spirit Theater of the Texas State History Museum.