Our facility is located in the Rosedale neighborhood of central Austin, within walking distance of many restaurants and stores. It was designed to provide a comfortable and efficient work space for both crew and client. We have six studios of various sizes on two floors with all services handicapped accessible on the 1st floor. The facility also houses a waiting room, a lounge, a break room and parking.

Two of the studios are set up for Atmos mixing with the largest approved for Dolby printmastering. The rest of the studios are setup for 5.1 mixing. Four of the studios have a projected image. Two of the studios can be used in combination with next door smaller studios for recording ADR and Foley. Attached to the main recording studio is a Foley prop room and built into the floor are various Foley pits including one for water.

If you are visiting from out of town please ask about the nearby apartment we can provide for short term stays. The studios can also be rented by outside recordists, editors and mixers. Two of the studios are rentable for small screenings.