Dealing with Picture Changes

Most projects have picture changes. It is inevitable that a supposed locked picture will change. We are accustomed to this happening multiple times in one show. 

To deal with a change we don't require any EDL or change notes.  We don't use conformation software because it often makes the process more complicated. We make changes in the audio by comparing the new AAF/OMF export to the previous export. If the change involves new audio, we take it from the new AAF/OMF. If a change involves reshuffling scenes we use the new QuickTime to determine where it goes.

Delivery Requirements for a Picture Change

1. If picture and/or audio changes are concentrated in one section of the timeline we don’t need an AAF/OMF for the entire act, reel or film. Instead, create a “changes” AAF/OMF file for only the section that has the changes. Include clips from the section before the change area and clips from the section after the change area. This might be three or four clips or 15 seconds of clips. We will use these clips to confirm we are in synch.

Include handles on either side of the change area for both the AAF/OMF and QuickTime - at least a minute long. The handles are important - especially for the QuickTime - so the new section can be matched and merged into the old.

2. For the QuickTime we also don’t need the picture change delivered as an entire act, reel, or film. Instead, include at least three straight cuts in the picture before the change area and three straight cuts in the picture after the change area.

3. That being said, if there are picture and/or audio changes throughout the project it might be best to deliver a complete new AAF/OMF and QuickTime files. We will use the new AAF/OMF file to pull additions and conform the mix based on the old AAF/OMF file. 

4. If none of the changes are "additions" you can set the handle length on the AAF/OMF export dialogue box at 0 seconds rather than the preset of 1 second. This will reduce the size of the AAF/OMF file considerably. If the changes include even just one addition set the handle length to 6 seconds.

Expected Size of Quicktimes for a 30 Minute Project

  • Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)
    • Data rate: 18.86 mbits/sec
    • File size: 4.23 GB
  • Apple ProRes 422 LT
    • Data rate: 31.01 mbits/sec
    • File size: 6.96 GB
  • Apple ProRes 422
    • Data rate: 49.51 mbits/sec
    • File size: 11.11 GB
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ
    • Data rate: 82.90 mbits/sec
    • File size: 18.60 GB
  • H.294 (high quality)
    • Data rate: 7870 kbits/sec
    • File size: 1.79 GB
Machine Room 2

Machine Room 2