What we need from you:

1. AAF or OMF with 6 second handles at the same sample and bit rate as your session with volume information included.

Deliver the AAF/OMF as one file rather than a file and a folder with multiple files. If the AAF/OMF turns out too large, export in tracks rather than sections of the show.

Example: Export tracks 1 and 2 in one AAF/OMF (the top tracks are usually the busiest) then export tracks 3 through 6 in the next AAF/OMF, and the remaining tracks in another AAF/OMF.

If the picture is cut in acts or reels keep the delivery in acts or reels.

2. QuickTime export at the same frame rate as your session with embedded mix down of the project's cut audio.

The preferred type of QuickTime is an Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) or an Apple ProRes 422 LT. These are preferred because the file sizes are smaller, but other resolutions and codecs will do. Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) has a data rate around 20mbits/sec.

Stay away from H.264 which sometimes have playback problems with Pro Tools. Only use H.264 if you need the file size to be small for uploading fixes.

Additional items needed, depending on the scope of the work:

1. A separate AAF/OMF file export from an assemblage of all the production audio the filmmaker or picture editor thinks may be useful, but did not include in the picture edit. This might be entire takes of ambience or production effects recorded during production.

2. On larger budget features, where we will be editing for more than a couple of weeks, we will need a copy of the entire production audio and the production mixer's log sheets.  We will use this to pull production effects and alternate takes should there be audio problems the picture editor did not fix.


What is OMF and AAF?  

OMF means Open Media Framework and AAF means Advance Authoring Format. They are software technologies developed  for transferring media from one type of software platform to another. When we import the OMF/AAF file into Pro Tools, all the audio is arranged and edited on the tracks exactly the way it was prepared in the picture editing software. The AAF export option is more advanced than the OMF export version. Use AAF instead of OMF if both exports are available in your picture editing software.

Wayne's edited dialogue tracks from reel 1 of "Where'd You Go Bernadette"

Wayne's edited dialogue tracks from reel 1 of "Where'd You Go Bernadette"